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Unfortunately our books are currently closed, but you can enquire below to be one of the first to be contacted when we reopen them to start your journey!

For those of you who have a Spaniel or Spaniel mix you can get access to my Spaniel specific training tips and advice immediately by joining my award winning Spaniel Inner Circle.  This is the absolutely best way to get access to my expert help and support straight away.

It’s the first of its kind monthly membership where we have regular live interactive sessions with both me and other guest experts, plus a monthly Q&A where you can get my personal live help to your Spaniel questions.

The Spaniel Inner Circle will give you the tools to help ensure that your puppy or dog becomes a sociable member of the family, a Spaniel who you can enjoy stress free walks with and even family days out and trips to the pub!

I will guide you with my expert knowledge to develop a deeper understanding of your Spaniels needs, including how best to play games that will bond and strengthen your relationship.

Don’t let your Spaniel drive you to distraction any longer, click here to join for instant support!

Here’s what people are saying about the Spaniel Inner Circle:

“The live session was great, really looking forward to the next one!”

“The Spaniel Inner Circle is just amazing, she has improved so much since we have been a member”

“I have tried so many online dog training courses but nothing has ever worked as well as the Spaniel Inner Circle we absolutely love it!”

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Our books are currently closed as we are at full capacity for 1-1 training.

Please fill out this form if you would like to be one of the first notified as soon as we reopen them for bookings. Please do join the award winning Spaniel Inner Circle to get my expert Spaniel help immediately.

Once the books are open again we will be in touch to book you in for your complimentary 15 minute discovery call with Hannah so you can begin your training journey with The Spaniel Guru.

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