Hello, I’m Hannah!

My mission at the Spaniel Guru is to increase your understanding of this wonderful breed, enhance the bond between you and your Spaniel and help you develop an amazing relationship between you.

I want you to have the stress free walks you deserve, and the Spaniel of your dreams and together we will work to achieve this using my signature Spaniel training system!

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My Journey

Scooby was my childhood best friend, I taught him all sorts of tricks, our bond was undeniable and just increased my passion for dogs and everything dog related.

As well as Scooby, my parents had to contend with having a small farm in our home! We had rabbits, hamsters, horses, fish, mice and cats. But dogs were always my number one love.

I spent all my spare time with animals and helped out at our local rescues and worked with the local veterinary practise.

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Fast forward a fair few years … Kobie arrives

I went away to university to study Criminology and Human Psychology. Whilst away for three years it made me miss being around animals.

Shortly after this Kobie, an 8 week old Cocker Spaniel joined my life.

Kobie had challenges. I soon realised that he wasn’t comfortable in social situations, he barked at everything and he hated being alone. He was very scared. I remember looking at Google for how to help him and feeling completely overwhelmed and confused by the mass of information and conflicting advice. There were no consistent answers, and that was when I realised…

“There’s too much information out there! I was overwhelmed and in a worse place than I was before”

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Developing my knowledge

After facing difficulties with Kobie I started using my knowledge from my Degree, there are some similarities between human and dog behaviour. I read more and more about dog behaviour, and I got to know amazing local trainers and behaviourists, and started helping them out in their classes.

It was during one workshop with some top trainers who were on TV at the time that I realised I wanted to do this as a career. So I took up training and qualified with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, after passing a very rigorous assessment to the highest level.

I also qualified with Absolute Dogs. In my training I use a games based approach because fun is fun…damental to your training.

We will help your dog by playing games which will turn your struggles into your strengths, and skyrocket your relationship.

Since then I have done so many more courses and I’m constantly improving my knowledge, so when you work with me you’re getting access to the most up to date research out there.

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Why I started the company

I know how it feels for your Spaniel to bark and lunge at the other dogs in the park, I know how it feels to be judged as an owner, I know how it feels to lose your Spaniel to those damn birds, I know how it feels to sometimes consider swapping your Spaniel for a goldfish! I know how it feels to be completely confused and overwhelmed with your new Spaniel shark (I mean puppy)

I know how it feels to think you’re doing it all wrong, and that you will never get there.

Thanks to my expertise I also know how to help you and improve things. Kobie can enjoy off lead runs now, he can be left alone happily, he can come to the pub and settle, he no longer reacts to people or dogs and instead plays with them.

Bailey can be around birds without losing his mind, and will even CHOOSE to recall away from them without me asking, once impossible.

Kobie can still react to cyclists which is a work in progress. Training a Spaniel, is a little like riding a wild rollercoaster, you will have ups and downs, sometimes you may want to abandon the ride and sometimes you may want to go faster and be shouting again again!

When you work with me, I will not judge you, I will not reprimand you, I will support you, and will never tell you off.

I will celebrate your achievements and I will be there as a shoulder to cry on if you need to.

I am here for you because I know how you feel.

So if you want to enjoy your walks together, or just give your new puppy the best start in life please complete my enquiry from and tell me what you need help with,  or join my award winning Spaniel Inner Circle now to get my immediate expert help and specialist support.

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Happy Clients

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“Hannah is a total superstar! We rehomed a cocker spaniel and naively thought the training would be a breeze as we have another dog…. It wasn’t long before we realised spaniels are a different level of crazy and knew we needed to get help to ensure we could give Cleo the best and happiest home life.

Hannah came highly recommended and we now know why, she is a miracle worker! We went from not being able to leave the room without Cleo getting distressed to being able to leave the house for a few hours at a time.

Hannah really took the time to understand Cleo and her knowledge of spaniels as a breed just blew my mind, Hannah made what seemed like the impossible possible, the training techniques we were taught have helped us to look at training both Cleo and our other dog Luna in a totally new light.

Not once did we feel like we were doing anything wrong, and we never felt like we were being judged by Hannah she made all the training sessions relaxed and really listened to what we wanted to get out of each session and tailored them accordingly.

Our bond with Cleo has grown and grown and we owe a lot of that to Hannah!
Thank you for everything you have done to help us!!”

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