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Do you feel embarrassed by your Spaniel’s behaviour?

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Do you dread your walks and spend time hiding from every bird, cat or squirrel?!

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Maybe you avoid having visitors in your home?

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Is your Spaniel constantly barking at everyone and everything?

I can help you!

A well-behaved dog might seem like a dream, but with the right approach and attitude (from the human) it’s entirely possible and when you achieve it – a life changer.

The relationship between dog and human is a strong bond and when both are in tune with each other, it’s the stuff of Hollywood movies.

When they’re misaligned though, it’s more like a Halloween movie!

It doesn’t need to be this way, so if you’re having a difficult time and not enjoying spending time with your dog, I’d like to help.

There are so many ways you can help your dog to get over the issues they’re experiencing that are causing the unwelcomed behaviour.

With any behaviour issue I ask that you book your dog in to see your vet before seeing me, this is because there can be a link between medical issues and behaviour issues, for example studies have shown pain is linked to increased noise sensitivity so we need to rule out any health concerns before we address the behaviour.

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Common dog behaviour problems include, but are not limited to the following:

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Anxiety and emotional issues

The cause of lots of unwelcome behaviour, you’ll want to get to the bottom of these for everyone’s sake.

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An aggressive dog is often worrying but it’s also a signal from your dog that something’s not right.

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Being afraid of people or other dogs

Fearing other people or animals isn’t helpful when you live in a busy world and want to go walking in public places.

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Barking or whining

Annoying as they can be, these are ways your dog is communicating. It could be down to excitement, anxiety, frustration, or other reasons.

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Multi-house dog issues

Just like we may struggle to always get along with everyone, your dogs may do too.

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Noise Sensitivity

You may not hear it, but your dog certainly can.

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Guarding food

Many dogs will become aggressive and anxious around food and this can lead to other problems too.

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Separation anxiety

Dogs can become disruptive or destructive when left alone.

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Toileting indoors

 The reason needs to be identified, your dog isn’t doing this on purpose.

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Working with Hannah

There are alternative cheaper dog professionals out there.

However when you work with The Spaniel Guru I am constantly working hard to update my knowledge and keep up to date with courses.

I provide a specialist bespoke service where you get premium one to one support.

Changing behaviour and training your dog takes time. I do not offer one off sessions as training and behaviour takes time and commitment. I find this way of working gives the best results and allows us to offer the greatest help to you and your dog.

Remember that you’re investing in the outcome of a happy and peaceful relationship with man’s best friend. I’ve never had a client tell me it’s not worth it!

I only take on new clients who show commitment to receive ongoing support as behaviour is not something you can fix overnight. I see my best results through this way of training.

Get in touch so I can find out more about what you need my expert Spaniel help with, and we can see whether we’re a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you

Happy Clients

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“I happily recommend Hannah to my clients (Pawsitive Vet Care).

She is a great observer of dog behaviour and explains things really well.

It’s great working with her to improve the wellbeing of Warwickshire’s dogs!”

Dr Helen Perryman BVetMed MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

What do you need help with today?


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