Zero to Hero Ready Steady Recall Programme

The ultimate spaniel-specific training experience to help you ace your recall once and for all

recall training for spaniel dogs

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Are you scared to let your spaniel off lead because you don’t trust them to come back? 
Are you regularly embarrassed by your naughty spaniel and do you feel jealous when you see all the off-lead dogs and their smug owners in the park?
Is your spaniel just wanting to hunt at 100mph with their nose constantly down… forgetting you even exist and just obsessing about every bloody bird?

And I’m guessing you’ve tried everything, right? Food, using a whistle, shouting and screaming? Watching all the TV programmes where the “fake” dog trainers give you an overnight fix?

But you’re still no closer to fixing your recall problems.

And I know how much this worries you.

Every day on every walk you’re sick with worry about letting your spaniel off the lead and running the risk of them being lost or worse, stolen!

But what’s the alternative? Continue to feel guilty for keeping them on the lead, where you know they’ll be safe but will also be vastly understimulated and underexercised.

This makes walking more difficult, and your spaniel never properly settles at home because they never get enough exercise.

So, how can you break this vicious cycle, and give your spaniel what they need and be a good dog parent?

Well, that’s where my Spaniel-specific Zero to Hero Recall Programme can help.

If you’re looking for a spaniel expert who knows exactly what works when it comes to spaniel recall, this programme is for you.

Hannah Antrobus Spaniel expert

Hey, I’m Hannah.

Being a spaniel owner myself, I know just how different these amazing dogs are.

The absolute key to teaching your spaniel how to recall is understanding them, and what makes them tick. The spaniel brain is unique, you have to work with them and not against them when it comes to recall. Your generic dog training advice won’t work here.

And that is where I come in. I’m here to teach you my secret recipe for spaniel recall, and the ingredients you need to add in for success.

Unfortunately, your spaniels recall won’t get better on its own, and will likely get worse, costing you more money in the long run and a lot more stress!

Don’t you long for stress-free walks watching your spaniel run around off lead?

Would you love a spaniel who CHOOSES to come back to you every time… even whey they see a bird?

Here’s how we’ll fix your spaniel recall.

I’ve put together a brand new 5 week Spaniel recall training experience where I’ll walk you through every step of the recall process. Here’s how we’ll do it

Module 1 – Connection

You will discover how to get amazing connection and laser focus on you without any fancy gadgets or having to read 10 generic books which are not tailored to spaniels and will leave you feeling even more confused.

Module 2 – Relationship

We will be discussing why the relationship with your Spaniel is absolutely key, how to work and engage that spaniel brain, and I will teach you exactly what your Spaniel wants you to know when it comes to recall. It’s not what you think!

Module 3 – Engagement

It’s all about engagement, you cannot just walk a spaniel you have to engage and work with them, as soon as you do this your walks become a 100% easier. A clue for you you don’t get it by being the most exciting thing in the park!

Module 4 – Q&A

Get your questions answered in this Q&A recap week, Here I deep delve into the questions I know Spaniel owners want to know when it comes to recall.

Module 5 – Success

We will bring everything together, you will have a plan to ensure going forward you have a spaniel who will rapidly return to you, ignore those bloody birds and other dog owners will be jealous of you.

If you’re not yet a member, you’ll also get two months of free access to my award-winning Spaniel Inner Circle membership.

The membership includes a closed Facebook group, where you can post your videos for review and ask any questions you have.

“I cannot praise this course enough!

I’ve just completed the Ready, Steady, Recall course with Hannah and it has transformed my life!

I, like I’m sure many, have read many training books and watched endless videos on how to train your dog, but surprisingly nothing seemed to work.

My very excited and highly prey-driven dog, Enzo, would run off after anything with fur or feathers!

At first, I was sceptical about how an online course could really work but was desperate to try something and knew Hannah specialised in cocker spaniels.

Over the 5 weeks of unlimited support online and via zoom calls Enzo and our relationship changed substantially for the better.

I’ve started to enjoy walking him again. May I add on loose lead! Which I thought would be impossible with him.

I had many a blister and joint pain to prove it! He also is able to walk on long line (dropped on floor) mainly for a back up just in case, but close to taking long line off completely now.

He now ‘checks in with me’ frequently now (something you’ll hear frequently on the course) and successfully follows commands, to the point where I myself was asked whether I was a dog trainer from others! Highly amusing!

Other dog walkers, who know him, can’t believe the transformation.

Don’t get me wrong he’s not perfect by any means, but he’s certainly getting there. I could not be prouder of the relationship we have now and what we’ve achieved together, especially over such a short amount of time and look forward to continuing it with Hannah on The Inner Circle.

If you’re reading this and feeling (like I was) unconfident, a failure and in complete despair, then I promise you, follow Hannah’s advice and things will change dramatically over the 5 week course.

It’s worth every penny! Good luck”

Laura and Enzo

spaniel recall
amazing spaniel recall

My private training has been at maximum capacity with a long waiting list for ages with no availability for 1-1 training .

This is the only way you can work and get my immediate spaniel specialist help right now.

I want to help as many spaniel owners as possible so I’m doing a special price for this course of just £397

There is both a 2 month and 3 month easy installment option available also.

“Before we started training with Hannah, Blake would be all over the place chasing or looking for birds, planes, paragliders (basically anything that flies).

In Switzerland Working Cockers are not known and no one was able to help me.

Hannah really understands spaniels and knew just how to help Blake and me.

Working over zoom/ whats app with Hannah is great, no disadvantages at all. She also shows some exercises with her own dogs to make it all clear!

Now we can enjoy our walks and his recall has improved a lot!”

Chantal, owner of Blake, Switzerland

“I have been a member of the Spaniel inner circle since day one and have already learnt so much from Hannah.

When it comes to dogs in general and Spaniels in particular she knows every trick in the book. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better Hannah had another ace up her sleeves: the Spaniel recall course!

Five sessions full of valuable information including a Q + A, fun games to play with your dog, how to find out your dog’s really high value reward (no, it’s not always food!) and much much more.

After each session we got a lot of homework to do – can’t remember ever doing so much homework for classes at school 😉 – and it really paid off!

After five weeks of following Hannah’s tips my girl Riley’s recall is better than ever because I hardly have to recall her at all. Sounds strange?

Well here’s the secret: recall is not about constantly nagging your dog with recall cues, it’s about your relationship with your dog. Hannah put a lot of hard work into this course and the results I can see with my girl are again testament of Hannah’s outstanding knowledge and understanding of Spaniels.

Well done, Hannah and thank you for being the best trainer a Spaniel pawrent could ever hope for!”

Kaja and Riley from Germany

“The sessions on Recall were fantastic. They were really ‘dog’ focussed in the way we would seek to be child focussed.

It really helped us connect with our Sprocker and understand ways of working with him.

We saw a fantastic transformation in our recall and our family’s understanding of his behaviours.

The sessions were recorded so great to catch up on if you couldn’t make the live session. Hannah is really friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend”

Jo and Alfie

“This course was exactly what I needed and has made a huge difference in our connection.

I am playing the games everywhere we go and getting the attention and focus that was missing before.

Hannah is extremely knowledgeable – especially about my spaniel!

I highly recommend Hannah’s classes for all breeds of dogs.

You will learn and have fun no matter if you are an experienced handler or just want a great pet for the family.”

Janet and Crosby from the USA

spaniel recall course

“We joined Hannah’s Spaniel Recall online course of 5 sessions and would recommend to all spaniel and spaniel cross owners!

She gives lots of realistic, helpful advice including many specific exercises to do.

You are made to feel welcome and not judged on anything which is heartening.

During the 5 weeks she encourages attendees to share how they are getting on, good and bad and responds to posts and questions.

It was nice because a lot of owners encouraged others in their efforts and shared their ups and downs so you felt part of a community.

We had initially wanted to have Hannah on a 121 but she is very booked up for nearly a year so we felt this was the next best thing and were not disappointed.

Our 1.5 year old Cocker wasn’t bad at recall but we wanted to proof it and with this course have been given everything we need to achieve that, or near enough within real life challenges of course!”

Helen and Jasper

“Recently completed the Zero to Hero recall class with Hannah.

I was at my witts end trying to train my (nearly) 2 year old springer with recall….confined to the long line since 10months.

The course was great and Hannah was really engaging and happy to answer any question! I have learnt so much about spaniels and what makes them tick, loads of new games that has got my girl engaged with me on walks.

I can see progress and know what I need to work on and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel in being able to safely let her off lead.

For us we’ve made a step in the right direction, just wished I had found Hannah sooner!”

Lisa and Amber

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Zero to Hero Recall course and learning how to be more ‘spaniel-y’.

Our recall is still a work in process but has shown marked improvement.

I have especially loved the ‘catch up’ game – which I call ‘magic’ – teaching my dog to check in and then good things happen! Hannah is always available for questions and truly wants us to succeed.

You should check her out!”

Donna with Truman from the USA

“I signed up to the recall course that Hannah designed.

It was a five week online course. It’s always very hard to judge what online courses are going to be like. However, I needn’t have worried. It was interactive, supportive and the amount of content was amazing.

Hannah teaches in a way that is clear and understandable and it is also very obvious that she total ‘gets,’ spaniels.

It’s the comments she makes and the observations about their characters and personalities which are unique to spaniels and which as a spaniel owner you see all the time.

This gives her training so much credibility and makes you realise you are in trusted hands.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Hannah, with regards to this particular course, the spaniel inner circle or one to one training”

Heather with Riley

“I recently completed the Zero to Hero recall course with Hannah. I think it’s fair to say that before the course I had lost of all hope of enjoying life with my spaniel!

The course was a real eye opener and I’ve learnt so much about spaniels. We’re well on our way to a much better relationship which means he listens and connects to me more.

Walks are less stressful and of course his recall is much improved!

Thank you Hannah for helping us become a team rather than bird crazy/chase anything spaniel vs stressed owner!”

Melissa and Oswald

“I feel great about the progress made on this course!

Today was our monthly pack walk with my dog walker and to be able to have Lily off lead for so much of the walk was wonderful.

I took her scented dummy and also paid close attention to her at all times to pre-empt when she was about to go rogue so I could redirect her and get her to engage with me instead.

The thing which has helped me the most is realising that she’s just a bit different to the labs I’m used to…I probably won’t ever be able to walk along chatting to my friend and paying no attention to Lily on walks as she absolutely will become ‘self-employed’…but realising that there are easy ways that I can ’employ’ her…and more importantly finding that I can be more interesting than chasing a scent feels wonderful.

And seeing how much she is thriving on our new connection and wanting to stay with me in a way she never has before makes it worth every penny!”

Sally and Lily

Thank you Hannah, even from across the world you have managed to give me confidence in raising my little cheeky monkey. I am very thankful for all your spaniel specific help.

Maddie from Australia with Benson the Cocker

So what are you waiting for?

You know you won’t find the answers to your problems on Google. And all the other generic advice you’ve tried doesn’t work and is leaving you feeling even more frustrated and confused.

You need my specialist spaniel support, so sign up below and let’s get started!

Who’s it for?

This is for you if…

You want to know exactly what makes your spaniel tick and what works when it comes to recall. In this course, I’ll show you how to work with your dog's unique “spaniel-ness” rather than against it.

You want to leave the course with a plan in place, so you can ace your recall once and for all.

You’re looking for a course that you can work through at your own pace… no need to show up for Zoom calls at a time that doesn’t suit you.

This is NOT for you if…

You’re looking for a quick fix for your recall problems (Regardless of what you see on the TV, there's no such thing as an overnight solution when it comes to spaniels!).

You’re not prepared to do the work! As with all things spaniel, you need to be willing to put in the time, effort and commitment.

You’re looking for a live online training course. All the sessions inside Ready Steady Recall are pre-recorded from a programme I previously taught live on Zoom, so you can watch the videos whenever you like. (A favourite for most spaniel owners tends to be in pyjamas with a glass of wine in hand!)


How long will it take before I see results from the training?
It really does depend. If you’ve got a spaniel who’s been running off and ignoring you for years, it’s going to take time to change those learnt behaviour patterns and teach them new ones.

However, in this course, I share all my top recall tips and tricks from working with thousands of spaniels. Keep showing up and putting in the effort; it will pay off. (But you’ll need to accept it won’t happen overnight!)

My students who’ve had the most success in the past are the ones who’ve put in the time., worked through the course slowly, referred back to it and followed my advice

How is this different from other recall courses?

I created this course exclusively for spaniel and spaniel cross owners. It’s based on my learning, expertise and knowledge of dog training and behaviour.

Some of the information may be familiar to you, and some might not. The contents are based on my individual take on what I’ve seen work (and what doesn’t work!) when it comes to spaniels.

I’ve seen cheaper recall courses than this one!
Sure, there are cheaper recall courses out there. However, the investment for Ready Steady Recall reflects my expertise and knowledge when it comes to spaniels and spaniel crosses. I’m proud of it, and I’ve seen firsthand how effective it is… as long as you put in the work and time training a spaniel requires. (Plus, it’s far cheaper than working with me 1:1!)
How long do I have access to the course?
Once you purchase this course, it’s yours to keep for life. You’ll also get two free months of access (if you’re not already a member) to my award-winning Spaniel Inner Circle. Once these two months end, you’ll be placed on a rolling subscription until you cancel.

The Spaniel Inner Circle is a membership designed exclusively for spaniel and spaniel-cross owners just like you. It’s a non-judgmental, safe space where you can access training, tips and techniques that will transform life as you know it with your spaniel best friend!

Can you promise I’ll 100% get recall from this course?
Unfortunately, no! In this course, I provide you with all the tips, tools and techniques to follow. But every spaniel will respond differently, and implementing the training is up to you.

However, if you follow the course content (and put in the time and effort), you should absolutely achieve recall success!